Oct 26, 2021 03:28 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Cailian, October 26 (Xinhua) the star fund manager Li Xiaoxing, as well as the Yinhua market selection fund jointly managed by Zhang Ping and Cheng Yu, released the third quarterly report today. According to the announcement, the scale of the fund was 3.369 billion yuan at the end of the third quarter, down from 3.826 billion yuan at the end of the second quarter. During the period, the growth rate of the net value of the fund units was - 11.95%. In terms of positions, the fund's stock position at the end of the third quarter was 95.48%, up from 91.02% at the end of the second quarter. Among the top ten heavyweight stocks, Wuxi apptec is still the largest heavyweight stock; China Merchants Bank jumped to the second largest heavy position, and its shareholding increased to 5.2481 million shares. Followed by Ping An Bank, which currently holds 9.1277 million shares; In the third quarter, the fund also newly entered Bank of Ningbo, Oriental Wealth, Zijin Mining and BYD as the top ten heavy positions. In the same period, Yinhua market selection also increased its holdings of tiger medicine and Zhifei biology, and the number of shares held remained unchanged; Guizhou Maotai was reduced in the third quarter; In addition, Wuliangye, Shanxi Fenjiu, Hong Kong stock exchange, Longji shares and focus media have withdrawn from the top ten heavyweight stocks of the fund.