Automotive Nov 05, 2021 11:25 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on November 5, mgjia technology signed an in-depth cooperation agreement with NXP to become a global gold medal partner of NXP. Mgjia technology has designed several domain controller products based on NXP s32g series, including chassis central domain controller, central gateway, multi bus data collector, etc. This product is based on the SOA communication architecture of home / IP, which decouples the software and hardware. It can be very flexible to deploy software systems according to different business requirements, and improve the degree of software reuse. It is reported that based on AUTOSAR CP, s32g m core can process can / Lin signals, system startup, power management, health management, vehicle control and other applications requiring high real-time performance, as well as a variety of safety strategies and function processing strategies. S32g a core runs Linux or QNX, which meets the functions of processing multi-channel Gigabit Ethernet, big data collection and analysis, vehicle OTA, data storage, remote diagnosis and so on. It can deploy a variety of communication protocols and related learning algorithms. Inter core communication IPCF can be used between M core and a core to exchange data with very low delay, or PFE can share Ethernet interface to realize high-throughput data exchange requirements. In addition to s32g series cooperation, mgjia technology also has in-depth cooperation with NXP in s32k and RT series. These technologies have been applied to professional fields such as mgjia intelligent cockpit, central computing unit and smart antenna.