Healthcare Nov 08, 2021 09:51 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiouda health on November 8, recently, Rendong medicine announced the completion of the B round of 100 million yuan financing. This round of financing is participated by government funds, industrial companies and old shareholders. Founded in December 2015, Rendong medicine is a leading provider of overall solutions for gene testing in China and a market leader in gene testing of urinary system tumors. In 2017, it took the lead in launching the 10000 person tumor immunization ark program in China, and launched China's first ctDNA gene detection product for tumor precise immunotherapy and evaluation of efficacy. At present, a product system with ngs technology as the core has been established, covering a full range of products from early screening, prognostic analysis, individualized medication to MRD monitoring. At the same time, it introduces cutting-edge science and technology at home and abroad to quickly realize clinical transformation and application, meet the whole process management of clinical from early screening, auxiliary diagnosis to late individualized medication, and provide clinicians and patients with overall solutions. This round of financing will mainly be used for the diagnosis and treatment of new products, accelerating the development of early screening and early diagnosis products, and the registration of diagnostic products, so as to further accelerate the integration of precise diagnosis and treatment of urinary tumors, breast cancer and digestive tract cancer. At the same time, accelerate the cooperation and integration between industrial companies, further consolidate the product system and improve the layout of each business line of the company.