Nov 28, 2021 04:38 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, November 28 - CITIC Securities believes that the new strain of South Africa has a short-term impact on market sentiment, but it will also bring a good opportunity to layout the cross-year blue chip market. Under the medium-term incremental capital layout and the institutional game at the end of the year, the differentiation of individual stocks in each industry is greater than that among industries, and the blue chip main line represented by leading varieties in each industry will be clearer. It is suggested to firmly lay out the blue chip main line around the "three low positions". The following suggestions are focused: 1) the expected low level varieties of the basic level, and we should focus on the manufacturing of the middle reaches, which are suppressed by cost and supply chain problems, such as auto parts, power equipment and small household appliances, and gradually add some consumption and pharmaceutical industries that are worth a reasonable interval, such as Baijiu, food, tax exemption, vaccines, blood products, etc. 2) For the varieties whose valuation is still relatively low, it is recommended to pay attention to the high-quality developers and building materials enterprises after the expected mitigation of real estate credit risk, as well as the Internet leaders of Hong Kong stocks whose policy suppression is expected to improve; 3) High prosperity varieties that are relatively low after adjustment, such as semiconductor equipment driven by localization logic, special chip devices and military industry.