Technology Dec 01, 2021 02:35 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Jiangsu Jimai new energy vehicle is the largest intelligent new energy vehicle main engine factory in Northern Jiangsu. In February 2021, Yunzhi control (a product of mushroom IOT) of the public and auxiliary workshop went online in the air compressor station of Jimai new energy vehicle, which solved the three typical pain points of gas consumption in the automotive industry: unstable gas supply quality, low coordinated operation efficiency of multiple equipment and lack of monitoring data in each gas consumption workshop. The core cause of the pain point can be solved: cloud intelligent control realizes the intelligent control of the station building through real-time data monitoring, equipment fault early warning, and combined with the industrial AI algorithm pool (including gas mutation AI prediction model, pressure drop AI calculation model, single machine energy efficiency AI calculation model, demand characteristic AI identification model, supply and demand difference AI matching model). According to the real-time changing gas demand of the production workshop, the equipment operation of the air compression station with corresponding displacement is controlled in real time, and the equipment operation parameters are adjusted and optimized to achieve the matching of gas supply and gas consumption, stable gas supply, and the average loading rate is increased to 95%. Director Jiang of the equipment and power department of its manufacturing center said: "after cloud intelligent control went online, it changed from human operation and maintenance mode to intelligent operation and maintenance mode, and the previous problems have been solved." up to now, cloud intelligent control in public and auxiliary workshops has been put into operation in well-known automobile enterprises such as GAC Honda, FAW Volkswagen, Great Wall automobile, Geely Automobile, CIMC vehicles and Jimai new energy.