Technology Dec 06, 2021 11:12 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 6, JetBrains released two product updates: a remote development solution for the cloud and other servers, and the lightweight editor fleet. In the recently released 2021.3 ides, JetBrains adds remote development support to the IntelliJ platform. On the cloud or private server, users of IntelliJ idea and other ides can remotely access the fully functional and immediately available development environment. The new features provide a smooth desktop based ide experience and transfer all heavy loads to remote servers. After these remote instances are preheated (initialized in advance), developers can start coding immediately without spending time configuring the environment and processing the version control system, so that developers can work more efficiently, save time and make more contributions to the project. In addition, the new fleet launched by JetBrains not only has syntax highlighting, simple code completion and other functions, but also a fully functional ide with intelligent completion, refactoring, navigation, debugging and all the functions that have always existed in the IDE. Hadi Hariri, chief evangelist of JetBrains, said, "fleet's goal is to provide different experiences for users who want to use a single tool rather than multiple special tools to meet scenarios that may only need one editor but also need powerful functions in the IDE."