Automotive Dec 07, 2021 09:06 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, NavInfo Europe B.V. successfully obtained the automotive spice level III (aspire L3) certification certificate. As the world's leading map data compilation leader, this achievement shows that the map compilation products and services of 4D New Europe meet the most stringent global automotive industry process quality standards. NavInfo will use this process to continue to provide high-quality compilation software and data distribution services for large international OEMs. NavInfo Europe always puts quality at the forefront of its process and continues to take industry standards such as ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 27001 and tisax as benchmarks. By implementing aspire ® L3, NavInfo Europe has fully proved that it has a clear and controllable system development ability, which can effectively shorten the product delivery time, optimize the project time and cost, and complete the product delivery with quality and quantity. Arnoud huijser, director of data delivery services in NavInfo Europe, said: "through aspice ® L3 certification is a great achievement for us. In the past 10 years of development, high quality and reliability have always been our top priority. In this era of rapid development of automobile interconnection and automatic driving, 4D tuxin Europe is honored to provide strong product guarantee and technical support for global partners through our trusted map compilation and map delivery services Technical support. "