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On December 25, the annual voice of 2021 China Automotive Industry Development (TEDA) International Forum was officially held. At this meeting, an Tiecheng, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of the automobile center, released the consensus on the results of the annual voice: 1. To realize the coordination of the whole industry chain and build a safe and controllable supply chain system; 2. We should actively implement the double carbon goal and jointly promote the coordinated development of energy-saving vehicles and new energy vehicles; 3. We should take scientific and technological innovation as an important starting point and break through core technology through zero cooperation; 4. We should grasp the new needs of consumers and establish a sharing and co creation platform with demand driven as the core. Wu Zhixin, member of the CPC Committee and deputy general manager of China automobile center, shared the development trend of automobile industry in 2022 in his eyes: 1. Automobile + energy, the energy revolution is advancing in depth under the dual carbon goal; 2. Technology is profoundly changing the form of automobile products and reshaping the automobile industry; 3. Automobile + users, the "battle" of the automobile industry for users is upgrading. Zhang Jinhua, executive vice president and Secretary General of China Society of automotive engineering, pointed out the distinctive characteristics of automobiles at the meeting: 1. Vehicle energy integration accelerates the transformation of vehicle electrification and drives the transformation of energy supply side and consumption side; 2. Intelligent interconnection has become the necessity of the development of automobile highly automatic driving technology, and it is also the application guide and traction of 5g, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other new technologies; 3. Intelligent shared travel is the platform and hub of new automobile industry ecology in the future, and will also become an important force in the new business form of digital economy and sharing economy
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