Automotive Dec 29, 2021 06:30 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On December 28, Changan Automobile held the "attacking blue whale yyds" hard core challenge. CTCC 2021 annual driver champion Wan Jincun passed three challenges in driving the second generation cs55 plus equipped with the new generation ne 1.5T high-pressure direct injection engine of blue whale. The first challenge is to drag the tablecloth. When Wan Jincun drove the second generation cs55 plus and pulled out the tablecloth with the explosive power of the vehicle, the tableware remained almost motionless in its original position. The new generation ne1 of blue whale carried by the second generation cs55 plus 5T engine, maximum power 138kw, 1500 rpm, maximum torque 300N · M. Matched with it is the Changan self-developed blue whale 7-speed wet double clutch gearbox, with a transmission efficiency of 94.3%. The second challenge is the track. Wan Jincun also drove two second-generation cs55 plus with female Racer Hua Tingting to race at the peak speed track of Youth Exchange. The total length of the track is 2.1km, the longest straight track is 330m, the width of the conventional track is 13m, and the width of the track in the departure area is 15m. There are 17 curves with different turning radii, 6 left turns and 11 right turns. They finished the race in 1 minute 12.15 and 1 minute 14.06 respectively to show the vehicle handling performance. The third test is the trailer. In the challenge, a second-generation cs55 plus pulled three Trailer transporters with a full load of 24 vehicles and a total weight of more than 90 tons.