Technology, Automotive Jan 06, 2022 11:09 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, January 6 - the national energy administration, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the National Bureau of Rural Revitalization recently issued the implementation opinions on accelerating the transformation and development of rural energy and helping rural revitalization. It is proposed that by 2025, a number of green and low-carbon pilot projects for rural energy will be built, the proportion of wind power, solar energy, biomass energy and geothermal energy in rural energy will continue to increase, the guarantee capacity of rural power grid will be further enhanced, distributed renewable energy will grow, and new green and low-carbon models and new business forms will be widely used, The new energy industry has become an important supplement to the rural economy and an important channel for increasing farmers' income, and the formation of a green and diversified rural energy system has been accelerated. Promote the utilization of biomass resources in rural areas. Guide enterprises to arrange biomass power generation projects in an orderly manner, and encourage enterprises to switch from simple power generation to cogeneration.
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