Real Estate Jan 10, 2022 03:29 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The market ebbed continuously last week. This way of going may not be a bad thing. On the contrary, it is easy to produce the absolute freezing point of a small cycle in a short time, and the result or the income risk of trying and wrong a new cycle is relatively high. This morning, the opening market sentiment directly fell below the freezing point, and then began to repair. At this node, the emotional stocks were extremely active. For example, Kaikai industry became weak and strong and promoted to 6-connected boards, Cuiwei's "big long legs" successfully promoted to 5-connected boards, YABEN chemical reversed the daily limit today after the limit fell last Friday, and Hubei Radio and television successfully "ground Sky board". Among them, Cuiwei shares and Hubei Radio and television, which rose against the trend limit last Friday, directly made up for the decline sharply at the opening this morning. Cuiwei shares opened about 6% lower, and Hubei Radio and television made up for the decline in the limit. After the opening, with the bottoming out of digital currency and the concept of meta universe and the overall recovery of the plate, Cuiwei shares, which are respectively the leaders of the plate Hubei Radio and television is naturally easy to be undertaken and strengthened by funds. Under the background of digital currency plate repair, Cuiwei shares had many differences in the afternoon, and the intensity was lower than expected. In contrast, the sealing plate of Hubei Radio and television, which successfully reverses the 2 connecting plates, is relatively stable. According to experience, generally, as long as you successfully pass the reverse package 2 board, the market probability will increase the premium the next day.
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