Consumer Staples Jan 11, 2022 08:19 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Financial Associated Press, January 11 (Xinhua). CICC research report believes that in recent years, driven by market, capital, talents, policies and other factors, domestic IC photoresist and raw material manufacturers are increasing. We believe that a breakthrough in domestic high-end IC photoresist is in sight. In terms of photoresist, domestic suppliers mainly focus on PCB / panel / LED field, g / I line and other medium and low-end markets; In terms of photolithography collagen materials, resins and photoinitiators with high cost share are highly dependent on overseas manufacturers. With the rapid development of domestic semiconductor industry and the emphasis on domestic core semiconductor materials, some domestic companies continue to make breakthroughs in high-end IC photoresist fields such as KrF and ARF. We believe that it is expected to change the supply pattern of global photoresist industry in the future.
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