Healthcare Jan 18, 2022 11:12 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiouda health on January 18, recently, Weiya medical, a minimally invasive vascular intervention robot enterprise, announced that it had completed tens of millions of yuan of round a financing. This round of financing was jointly invested by Boyuan capital and GUI chuangtong bridge, a leading domestic vascular intervention listed company, as a strategic investor, and Yicheng capital served as a long-term exclusive financial consultant. The current round of financing funds will be used for the company's R & D iteration of vascular interventional surgery robot, product indication expansion and accelerating clinical promotion. Meanwhile, Weiya medical signed a strategic cooperation agreement with guichuangtong bridge. Based on the continuous empowerment of resources in the field of vascular intervention, guichuangtong bridge will jointly accelerate the product R & D, clinical cooperation, registration and commercialization of micro Asian medical vascular intervention robot, realize the coordinated development of products and businesses of both sides, and meet the broader clinical needs in vascular intervention. Public information shows that Weiya medical is a high-tech enterprise committed to international cutting-edge vascular interventional surgery robots. At present, it has launched a new generation of vascular interventional surgery robots, which can carry out coronary artery, nerve and peripheral angiography and interventional therapy at the same time.