Automotive May 11, 2022 12:18 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Yiou automobile on May 11, when talking about the future product matrix at the financial report meeting last night, Li Xiang, chairman and CEO of ideal automobile, said that ideal will adopt two different body forms for two different power. Among them, the extended range power is SUV, and the pure electric aspect is a new form. There is no competition between the two forms, but to fight the 200000-500000 yuan market together. In the price range of 200000 ~ 500000 yuan, the ideal car will probe up into full-size products and down into medium-sized products. After the ideal L9 to be delivered in the third quarter, the company will also launch three products in 2023, including a new generation of extended range flagship products, a new Bev high-voltage platform products and the first medium-sized vehicle products with a price range of 200000 to 300000. In the ideal future, one product will be placed in the price range of 100000 yuan. There will be pure electric and extended range products in the same price range, and the product forms are different. This means that the company will have up to six models in its future product matrix. And under the same power type, the platform technology, performance and supply chain behind different products are connected, which will build intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, electronic and electrical architecture into a module for product portfolio. By 2025, the ideal car will still serve family users with children, and hopes to make standardized configuration in two aspects: first, all products are four-wheel drive; Second, the ability of intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit can be experienced by every home user.
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