Technology, Consumer Staples May 17, 2022 06:19 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
The economic daily article pointed out that recently, the problem of "ultra long pre-sale" of e-commerce has attracted widespread attention. For example, some consumers said that the pre-sale period of clothing is too long, "when the clothes are received, the season is over". Not long ago, the China Consumer Association named some online businesses to set an ultra long pre-sale period for pre-sale goods, saying that some online operators use unfair format terms to reduce their obligations and responsibilities and increase consumers' responsibilities. At present, many platforms have taken measures such as not giving priority to the display of pre-sale goods and paying a certain proportion of liquidated damages to buyers if they fail to deliver goods according to the agreed time, so as to restrain irresponsible "super long pre-sale". In the long run, on the premise of adhering to honest management, by making good use of scientific and technological means such as big data, improving the ability of accurate prediction and rapid response, scientifically arranging production plans, and taking into account the reasonable expectations of consumers, businesses can fully expand the application scenario and development potential of the pre-sale mode.
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