May 20, 2022 02:33 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
With the continuous adjustment of the A-share market, more and more institutions are joining the self purchase army, especially the performance of 10 billion private placement. According to statistics, as of May 19, a total of 75 fund companies have implemented self purchase this year, with a total self purchase fund of 2.523 billion yuan. Among them, huitianfu has the highest self purchase amount, more than 250 million yuan. In addition, the self purchase amount of fund companies such as Nanfang fund, Huatai asset management, ICBC Credit Suisse, Xingzheng global and Cathay Pacific all exceeded 100 million yuan. Insiders said that when the issuance of new funds did not meet expectations, fund companies and fund managers hoped to demonstrate their confidence in the market and their own investment and management ability through self purchase, so as to convey positive signals to investors and boost market sentiment. To a large extent, the behavior of self purchased funds expresses the determination of fund managers and investors to share risks and benefits. The trend of self purchase also shows that institutions are optimistic about the long-term allocation value of the market, and also transmits the signal of optimistic about high-quality assets.