Industrials May 21, 2022 04:04 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
On May 21, a rail sea intermodal container train loaded with more than 3000 tons of stones from the west land sea new channel sailed out of the Nali railway freight yard in Pingguo City, Baise, Guangxi. After changing ships at Beibu Gulf port, it was sold all over the country to realize the seamless connection of rail sea intermodal transport, which marked that the "Baise Beibu Gulf port" rail sea intermodal train of the west land sea new channel officially entered the normal operation stage, This will inject kinetic energy into the Rural Revitalization and economic development of the old revolutionary base areas in Zuojiang, as well as the new development pattern dominated by the domestic cycle and mutually promoted by the domestic and international cycles.