May 22, 2022 05:05 PM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Recently, the law enforcement officers of Shanghai Jing'an District Market Supervision Bureau found that the man coffee of Shanghai Yinhe Industrial Co., Ltd. had poor environmental hygiene and failed to store food as required. The party concerned has poor environmental hygiene and fails to store food according to regulations, Suspected of violating item (1) of paragraph 1, Article 33 of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China, "food production and operation shall comply with food safety standards and meet the following requirements: (1) there shall be places for food raw material processing, food processing, packaging and storage suitable for the variety and quantity of food produced and operated, keep the environment clean and tidy, and keep a specified distance from toxic and harmful places and other pollution sources" Article 54 paragraph 1 stipulates that "food operators shall store food according to the requirements of ensuring food safety, regularly inspect the food in stock, and timely clean up the food that has deteriorated or exceeded the shelf life". Jing'an District Market Supervision Bureau has filed a case for investigation according to law.