Technology Jun 25, 2022 07:30 AM (GMT+8) · EqualOcean
Infinite "scenery" has attracted numerous institutions to compete. According to the reporter's statistics, since May, the organization has continued to "follow the light" and investigated 17 Listed Companies in the photovoltaic industry chain. However, different from the previous preference for leading companies, the organization began to "pile up" small and medium-sized companies such as photovoltaic auxiliary materials and equipment subdivided into the industrial chain, and diamond wire companies such as Xingxing technology, Meichang Co., Ltd. and gaoci Co., Ltd., as well as adhesive film backplane companies such as Haiyou new materials and Saiwu technology were "broken through the threshold". According to interviews with many insiders, under the demand of silicon wafer production expansion, thin-film, cost reduction and efficiency increase, photovoltaic auxiliary materials such as diamond wire have ushered in new market demand, and the industry has started a new round of growth. The industrialization process of n-type battery is accelerated, and the demand for thin-film is higher than expected, bringing incremental imagination space to photovoltaic accessories such as diamond wire.