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May. 23, 2020

Alibaba's Fourth-quarter Revenue is CNY 114.31 Billion, a year-on-year Increase of 22%

Alibaba released the company ’s unaudited financial report for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 and the full year ended March 31, 2020. The data shows that Alibaba Group ’s fourth-quarter revenue was CNY 114.31 billion (approximately USD 16.14 billion), an increase of 22% year-on-year, the market expects CNY 107.04 billion; the net profit attributable to shareholders of ordinary shares is CNY 3.16 billion (about CNY 447 million), a 88% year-on-year decline.
1) Alibaba's digital economy has achieved USD 1 trillion in GMV, which is a historic milestone. Despite the impact of the new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic on the economy in the last quarter of the fiscal year, the overall business maintained strong growth, with annual active consumers increasing to 960 million globally.
2) Alibaba ’s mobile retail monthly active users in China ’s retail market reached 846 million, an increase of 125 million compared with March 2019; for the 12 months ended March 31, 2020, the annual active consumers reached 726 million, compared with as of 2019 3 For the twelve months ended March 31, it increased by 72 million.

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