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May. 23, 2020 00:55

Gartner Releases TOP25 in Global Supply Chain: Alibaba is in the List

Data research organization Gartner recently announced the ranking of the top 25 global supply chains in 2020. China has only two companies on the list, namely Alibaba and Legend Holdings. After being included in the list for the first time last year, Alibaba was shortlisted this year. And the ranking was raised from the 13th place last year to the 7th place; and Legend Holdings, who has been on the list for many years, also rose to the 15th place.
1) The shortlist must meet four criteria: manufacturers, distributors, and retailers included in the Fortune Global 500 or Forbes Global 2000; public financial data; annual revenue of more than USD 12 billion; Revenue is greater than 50%, or CNY 6 billion. Gartner will refer to the hard indicators such as the total asset return rate, inventory turnover level, income growth level, ESG (environmental social governance, or corporate social responsibility) of the selected companies in the past three years, and soft indicators such as peer ratings and analyst rating score.

Associated Companies: Tencent

Source: ITHOME