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May. 23, 2020 00:38

Hema Mini Enters Beijing with First Store on Huangsi Street

FreshHema's first Hema mini in Beijing is about to open, and its location is set on Huangsi Street. At present, the words 'Hema mini is in preparation' have been hung on the outer wall.
1) At the beginning of last year, Hou Yi, president of Alibaba Hema Business Group, said that the Chinese consumer market is large enough and the demand for consumption upgrades is strong, but 'a set of martial arts to fight the world' is difficult to adapt to the new development stage. Since then, Hema has successively incubated F2, small stations, vegetable markets, mini and other innovative formats.
2) Hema mini is the key format of Hema's future layout due to its low investment and high efficiency. In future planning, the sales of Hema mini will account for half of the entire FreshHema. At the media communication meeting in March, Hou Yi said that the Hema mini is expected to reach at least 100 this year. As Hema will completely eliminate the front-end warehouse business, all existing Hema stations will be changed to Hema mini.

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Source: IFENG