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Aug 7, 2020 07:51 pm ·

China NEV Intelligence Newsletter

How can you track the most ground-breaking Electric Vehicle (EV) leaders, especially the ‘big six’ – NIO, Li Auto, Xpeng Motors, WM Motor, BYD and Tesla China? To get started, check out the new service from EqualOcean, which helps our readers understand these companies better so that they can capture the hottest investment opportunities.  ►How to Access Subscription: USD 90 for three months (starts from the payment date) Subscribe to the Newsletter with your email by clicking the above button. The Newsletter will be delivered at 19:30 each workday, Beijing Time. EqualOcean focuses on research into investment opportunities in China. We have an English and Chinese content team of 250, with massive internal resources and knowledge networks built up painstakingly over the past six years.  We have received requests and feedback and have incorporated suggestions from every credible source. We hope to provide a serious category product for China's EV market.    Today, we launch the project China NEV Intelligence Newsletter, featuring updates on NIO, Li Auto, Xpeng Motors, WM Motor, BYD and Tesla China. This initiative is not coming out of the blue. We have a proven track record in China's automotive industry, including dozens of industry research reports, NEV reviews and exclusive interviews with major automakers' executives. NIO founder William Li, WM Motor founder Freeman Shen, Xpeng Motors co-founder Henry Xia have attended our events as guest speakers. The top two China EV stocks, NIO and Li Auto, are the capital markets' new darlings, following in the path of Tesla. We expect to see Xpeng Motors and WM Motor landing on the public market in 2020. Along with Tesla China and the traditional car maker BYD, new-generation EV makers are leading new energy reform.   The industry is at an early stage – but is rapidly accelerating. The competitive landscape is worth tracing out; there are no absolute winners yet. NIO, Li Auto, Xpeng Motors, WM Motor, BYD and Tesla all have massive opportunities ahead and each has a chance to become the champion. How they manage to seize these chances and handle crossover challenges will weigh sharply in the value of their stocks.   Investors who are aware of the enormous potential and bright future of EV need to follow and do their research into the major players. This way, they can know the best entry points in the market. Therefore, EqualOcean has started to provide the NEV Intelligence Newsletter service. After subscription, you will receive a daily newsletter at 19:30 on weekdays (Beijing Time). The service is sold at USD 90 for three consecutive months. Please make sure you enter the correct email address.  All the contents in the Newsletter will be released on Our paid subscribers will enjoy the contents 12 hours earlier. If you need to renew the subscription, please contact us at your earliest convenience at