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May. 23, 2020 00:43

Miss Fresh to Complete E Round of Financing

On May 22, Ebrun was informed that Miss Fresh specializing in high-quality fresh food completed the E-round financing, and the investor was CICC Capital.
1) Miss Fresh is a specialty platform that focuses on high-quality fresh food. Every day, high-quality fresh products are screened and recommended to users for purchase. There is a daily business of purchasing fresh and convenient containers offline, which is mainly composed of three parts: normal temperature shelves, refrigerators and freezers. It provides yogurt, fruits, snacks and other products. Purchase independently through the WeChat applet. According to incomplete statistics, there are 7 financings in the field of daily e-commerce.
2) This round of investors, CICC, formally established CICC Capital on March 6, 2017, and is committed to becoming a private equity fund manager with perfect mid-to-back office management capabilities, strong brand influence, and excellent financing and investment capabilities. platform. At the same time, CICC Capital continuously enriches its products and expands its business scope through various dimensions such as products, industries, and regions.

Associated Companies: Freshhema

Source: EBRUN