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EdTech: Trends and Startups
EdTech: Trends and Startups
EqualOcean presents -- 'EdTech: Trends and Startups 2019.' Image Credit: Shutterstock

EqualOcean has prepared a series of research reports on the new generation of companies across several sectors around the globe. Our coverage includes 11 industries that have been affected the most by cutting-edge technology and are likely to shape the international economic landscape of tomorrow. This series is to be presented during the World Innovators Meet 2019, an annual event that gathers global leaders from a variety of fields at the heart of Beijing.

In this report, EqualOcean depicts the most significant EdTech industry trends and shortlists 50 promising startups that have the ability to lead their respective industries. Following are some key points from the report:

• The  amount of venture capital pumped into Chinese EdTech last year reached up to USD 5.2 billion;

• Global education market size is expected to reach USD 8 trillion by 2025;

• The projected market size of AR/VR software in education is estimated to reach USD 0.7 billion  by 2025;

• China leads in terms of both the amount (USD 1.3 billion) and the number (167) of rounds raised by

• EdTech firms in the first half of 2019. USA is the runners up with USD 962 million raised over 65  financing events. 

EdTech enables education to reach wider audiences. It has played an enormous role in enriching education, reaching various sectors such as coding, language, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Arts (STEAM), early childhood education and vocational education. Technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) have also played its part in the enhancement of education enabling them to become more interactive and interesting. There are a few major players in every sector mentioned above but that number will grow in the near future. The most promising sectors attracting the most capital are STEAM education, language training, vocational education, and educational service providers. 

EqualOcean has compiled a list of global startups, which according to us have a strong chance of leading their respective industries or sectors. To compile this list we used various selection criteria such as the firms' capability of raising funds, the background of the founder, the strength of the investors, the firms vertical, and so on.   


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