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Healthtech: Trends and Startups 2019
Healthtech: Trends and Startups 2019
EqualOcean presents 'Healthtech: Trends and Startups 2019' Image: Credit to Shutterstock

EqualOcean has prepared a series of research reports on the new generation of private businesses across several sectors around the globe. Our coverage includes 11 industries that have been affected the most by cutting-edge technology and are likely to shape the international economic landscape of tomorrow. This series is to be presented during the World Innovators Meet 2019, an annual event that gathers the most prominent global leaders from a variety of fields at the heart of Beijing.

In this report, EqualOcean depicts the eye-catching healthtech trends and presents 50 potentially game-changing startups that have proven their ability to grow and scale. Here are some key highlights from our study.

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Deep-learning based diagnostics are bourgeoning globally, securing USD 788 million in 2018 and USD 1.6 billion in 2019. Israel, the US, and China are the vanguards.

CAR-T, genomics and antibodies are the new concertation areas of innovative and novel drug-developers. China started to show its presence, yet the industry is still dominated by the US.

LatAm, Southeast Asia and Africa, the developing world, could not be able to bring about a healthy primary market ecosystem due to high technical barriers in the healthcare industry: yet brought a couple of digital care giants.

Boosted by the lax personal data privacy policies and relaxed implementation of regularizations, Chinese companies are developing unprecedently precise diagnostics algorithms and challenging the 21st century’s health norms with digital care initiatives.

Next Global Tech 50: Healthcare

We have mainly been tracking and reporting the growth-seeking startups in the mainland. For this healthtech report, we have decided to expand our coverage and presented 50 Global healthtech startups that could change the norms of healthcare in the 21st century, the cutting-edge technologies provided by them, and the waves they have been creating in global healthcare. Having talked to countless C-suite members of healthcare startups in China and executives of multinational heavyweights, EqualOcean is aware of the challenges and myriad opportunities in the Chinese healthcare market and its global significance. As players of every heft eye company overseas, this report aims to build an intellectual bridge between parties and bringing about the "win-win" situation.

To delineate the worth-to-watch startups and potential game-changers, we tracked over 7000 healthcare companies that raised new funding in the last ten years and found the trends that may shape the near-future of healthcare. What's more, we applied criteria of raising new financings in 2019 for their Series B and Series C rounds, questioned their investor profiles, expected valuations, and their cutting-edge solution for the market; finally created a list of companies down to 50. We have divided the healthtech companies into four: biotech & pharma, IT service providers, digital care services, and medical device developers.


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