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To Future EqualOceaners:

Thank you for your interest in EqualOcean. We actually consider ourselves as one of your candidates too; therefore, we are pleased you would consider choosing us as your employer wherever you may be in your career. As we value transparency and honesty, we would like to give you more information about our company and its situation in advance. We do hope to get the opportunity to meet you soon.

While our name “EqualOcean” resembles Bridgewater, a renowned American investment firm, we strive to accomplish similar goals: to connect and improve. We position ourselves as an influential international information service platform and investment research company, focusing on global technology and industry innovation. Our mission is to promote scientific and technological innovation in different countries with the goal of making technology equal (inclusive and accessible) on a global scale.

In regard to the positioning of our company, there are three pieces of information you should be aware of.

1) when we talk about scientific & technological innovation in the industry, we are referring to how Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), the Blockchain, and other advanced technologies are applied to various sectors such as automotive, finance, health, etc.

2) by international influence, we mean that our content (news, cases, reports, etc.) is published in English. However, our website is officially launched not so long ago thus our influence have yet to be felt.

3) we combine the expertise of media and research institutions, and we’ve closely studied and learned from great companies such as Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Gartner and Goldman Sachs to achieve our goal as a tech media and investment research company.

Why did we decide to start EqualOcean? We have 3 reasons.

Firstly, there are no third-party institutions with real international influence in China, and we aim to fill this gap. While we probably are not in the same league as Alibaba or Tencent, we are excited to pursue the goal of being “China’s First” in a vertical field, and also strive to be “the best in the world” someday.

Secondly, we are optimistic that China’s total GDP will surpass the United States around 2025. In addition, we are also confident about China’s further reform and globalization which will simultaneously help Chinese companies achieve global influence, similar to how the United States supported its companies to achieve international prestige. We want to leverage on the trend and are hopeful to become a company that surpasses its predecessors.

Lastly, we believe that market-oriented institutions have more opportunities to establish an international presence than government-funded institutions. Currently, many Chinese media and research institutions do not have credibility abroad, that is something for us to learn from. In addition, publishing our content in English rather than Chinese and learning and adapting western culture would help to connect and communicate with more people. While it’s easier for China’s GDP to surpass the United States, it takes longer for a culture to be adopted.

How will we advance? We have a general direction, but it needs refinement. However, we’ve put thought into what drives entrepreneurship: people, money, and direction.

Firstly, our team is the key to our success. As we aim to build a team with Chinese and international talents, and want the team to have the same faith, this process is not easy and will take time. We expect the team to reach 30 people in the first year. After this foundation has been set, our expansion will be accelerated.

Secondly, our direction is to cover innovation from all around the world, but we can only start from China. More specifically, we start from focusing on the most innovative companies in China. It would take approximately three years for us to establish the brand as “the Top research company in the field of Chinese scientific & technological and industrial innovation”. After that, we would start to cover innovative companies in more countries, and try some new productions and services。

Thirdly, about financials, it is divided into commercialization and attracting investments. For the commercialization, EqualOcean will serve the Chinese innovative companies to set their international brand image, and also serve overseas investors including funds, capitals, and enterprises to invest in Chinese companies and expand business in China, helping the foreign audiences to understand China’s innovative companies with some well-organized and paid services. For attracting investments we currently have CNY 10 Million in start-up funds, but will seek more venture capital investment at an appropriate time.

EqualOcean is a startup incubated from the EO Company. Founded in 2014, EO Company has a valuation of more than USD 100 Million and has completed four rounds of venture capital investment and achieved profitability. Now it’s a prominent innovation service platform in China. While EO Company provides services in Chinese, EqualOcean reports and studies the global market in English which has a greater playing field while challenges and pressures will be greater, and requirements for the team will be higher.

We are still in the early stages of entrepreneurship. EqualOcean was formed on October 12, 2018, and our English website was officially launched on November 12, 2018. We acknowledge that there are still many technical bugs and content improvements. As of March 29, 2019, there are 11 members on our team. We’re a young bunch but have either a good academic or career background. As we are expanding our group, we hope to attract more talents to build our founding team.

We are fully confident of the future of EqualOcean and our team has been successful so far. However, we understand that entrepreneurship is a risky path even with past successes. In addition, what EqualOcean is doing requires hard work and perseverance. Therefore, we hope our prospective colleagues will be idealistic and passionate, as well as driven. As mentioned earlier, Bloomberg, Bridgewater, WSJ, and Goldman Sachs all took a long time to build its core strengths.

At EqualOcean, we promote “investment thinking” and “product perspective”. Regarding “investment thinking”, we filter our portfolio of innovative companies by whether they have investment value. Currently, there are more than 600 innovation projects with valuation of more than USD 1 Billion in China, while we think only 1/6 of which would be worth for more investment. In regard to “product perspective”, we refer to taking a logical stance to meet the needs of our users/clients and not what we think they need. Based on these two ideals, we hope our colleagues would have better quantitative judgment and willingness to serve.

EqualOcean agrees with some of the concepts and practices mentioned in two books, “Empowerment” by Stanley McGristian and “Principles” by Ray Dalio, including fully resolving the information asymmetry within the team; establishing empathy and enhancing mutual understanding through internal job rotation; being radically transparent and honest; and being open-minded to solve problems, etc.

We think whether a team is excellent or not can be judged by the growth of its members, we want to help our members reach beyond their potential. Therefore, we are very demanding on the team and force each other to grow and progress, we communicate openly and we do not avoid conflict.

Although we hope we can succeed, we cannot make promises we can’t keep. We cannot guarantee that EqualOcean would succeed 100%; we cannot guarantee that you would have much leisure time after joining in; we cannot let satisfy every member.

There are full of risks in this world and there should be challenges in our lives. If you have an adventurous spirit and finds our business, ideas and culture align with your values, then EqualOcean would be a good choice for you.

You can get to know more ABOUT US, and the opportunities we offer, by uploading your resume and supporting documents accordingly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. In the event you are unable to join us, we wish you all the best in your job search.



  • Independently conduct research through multiple sources regarding macroeconomy, industry, and target company, etc.
  • Independently conduct research by contacting and interviewing industry experts or staff from target companies.
  • Write articles as well as comprehensive reports.
  • Participate in meetings and contribute as a business leader.


  • Graduate or postgraduate degree from a top-tier university (985 in China or top 200 worldwide).
  • Fluent in both English writing and speaking/ Native English Speakers.
  • Open-minded, accountable, and hard-working.
  • Experience in media, analysis, consulting, and data is a plus.


  • Responsible for workforce planning, adjusting and delivering.
  • Work closely with partners, staff, and others in the EO community in order to drive a high performing culture.
  • Build, convey, and internalize company culture in a mild and rational way.
  • Facilitate management training to build leadership.
  • Develop and implement HR strategies and initiatives, aligned with the business department.


  • Bachelor degree or above from a top-tier university (211 in China or top 200 worldwide).
  • Demonstrate an ability to systematically and logically think with empathy.
  • Strong motivation to understand business and self-learning.
  • Strong interest in internet and technology industry and willingness of self-motivation.
  • 3+ years of HR experience, and experience in a medium size or above company is preferred.
BD Manager


  • To understand China’s Technology and Industry Innovation and then focus on connecting EqualOcean’s potential customers.
  • To conduct research on our potential customers, like innovation companies, investment firms and startups, globally.
  • To dig out the needs of the customers, and offer them customized services accordingly.
  • To develop sales strategy and build a comprehensive sales handbook which could help your team members to perform excellent.
  • To be familiar and clear with the abilities of EqualOcean teams, coordinate the cross-function teams to provide solutions to customers.
  • Meet or exceed your sales targets.


  • Bachelor degree or above from a top-tier university (211, 985 in China or top 200 worldwide).
  • 3 years experiences as BD manager in VC/PE, research/consulting companies, or media.
  • Have a good understanding of the business models of research, consulting firms and VC/PE.
  • Professional, and have excellent presentation and communication skills.
  • Work ambitiously as a funding member.
  • Could use English (both spoken and written) as work language.
Marketing Manager


  • To understand China’s Technology and Industry Innovation.
  • To build and maintain good relationships with foreign tech or industrial innovation related media or companies.
  • To plan and execute EqualOcean’s all kinds of online and offline events.
  • To help EqualOcean build and maintain a good brand image.
  • To be responsible for press releases, and set up, run necessary campaigns.


  • Bachelor degree or above from a top-tier university (211, 985 in China or top 200 worldwide).
  • 1-3 years experiences as Marketing manager in VC/PE, research/consulting companies, or media.
  • Have a good understanding and experiences in planning, organizing and conducting brand events.
  • Professional, have good writing, communication and negotiation skills.
  • Work ambitiously as a funding member.
  • Could use English (both spoken and written) as work language.

EqualOcean is a third party with access to startups, venture capital firms, industry resources, and corporate partners. We maintain our working environment’s integrity and objectivity.

We are in a stage of rapid growth and therefore require all our members to work 6 days a week. We guarantee a better salary and welfare in comparison to the average level in the industry although the workload may be a bit more demanding. Options and equities are offered for whoever qualified.

Before you apply, please read our Internal Mechanism & Principles and the Hiring Process Guidebook. If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, please send your resume and cover letter to

EqualOcean is a leading industrial tech media and investment research company that focuses on technological and industrial innovation in China.

We aim to assist Chinese entrepreneurial enterprises to break into the global market and provide overseas investors, VCs, and enterprises with a deeper understanding of China's business environment and to seize opportunities in China.

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