To future EqualOceaners

Thank you for your interest in EqualOcean. Even as we address your candidacy, we consider ourselves candidates for you in your own professional path. We are pleased that you would think about choosing us as your employer wherever you may be in your career. As we value transparency and honesty, we would like to give you more information about our company and its story in advance. We also hope to get the opportunity to meet you soon.

Our name, ‘EqualOcean’, resembles that of Bridgewater, a renowned American investment firm. We strive to accomplish similar goals, namely: to connect and improve. We position ourselves as an international information service platform and investment research company, focusing on global technology and innovation. Our mission is to promote scientific and technological progress in different countries, with the goal of making technology inclusive and accessible on a global scale.

In regard to the positioning of our company, there are three key points you should be aware of.

1.When we talk about scientific & technological innovation in the industry, we are referring to how Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), the Blockchain, and other advanced technologies are applied to various sectors such as automotive, finance, health, etc.

2.When we speak of aiming for international influence, we mean that our content (news, cases, reports, etc.) is published in English. Our recent website launch means that our profile is still emerging.

3.We combine the expertise of media and research institutions, and we’ve closely studied and learned from great companies such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Gartner and Goldman Sachs to achieve our goals as a technology, media and investment research company.

Why did we decide to start EqualOcean? We have 3 reasons.

Firstly, there are no third-party institutions with real international influence in China, and we aim to fill this gap. While we probably are not in the same league as Alibaba or Tencent, we are excited to be ‘China’s First’ in our chosen vertical; we also strive to be “the best in the world” someday.

Secondly, we are optimistic about China’s recent economic growth. In addition, we are also confident about the country’s process of reform and globalization. This will simultaneously help Chinese companies achieve global influence, similar to way in which the United States supported its companies to achieve international prestige. We want to be a part of this story, and are hopeful of becoming a company that surpasses its predecessors.

Lastly, we believe that market-oriented institutions have more opportunities to establish an international presence than government-funded institutions. Currently, many Chinese media and research institutions do not have credibility abroad – that is something for us to learn from. In addition, publishing our content in English rather than Chinese and learning from and adapting western culture will help to connect to and communicate with more people. While it’s one matter for China’s GDP to surpass the United States, it takes longer for a culture to be adopted.

How will we advance? We have a general direction, but this needs refinement. However, we’ve put thought into what drives entrepreneurship: people, money, and direction.

Firstly, our team is the key to our success. As we aim to build a team with Chinese and international talents, we want the team to have the same faith. This process is not easy and will take time. We expect the team to reach 30 people in the first year. After this foundation has been set, our expansion will be accelerated.

Secondly, while our direction is to cover innovation from all around the world, we can only start from China. More specifically, we will start by focusing on the most innovative companies in China. It should take approximately three years for us to establish our brand as ‘the top research company in the field of Chinese scientific, technological and industrial innovation’. After that, we will start to cover innovative companies in more countries, and try some new products and services。

Thirdly, about financials, this area is divided into commercialization and attracting investments. For commercialization, EqualOcean will assist Chinese innovative companies in setting their international brand image, and will also serve overseas investors, encouraging funds, capitals and enterprises to invest in Chinese companies and expand their businesses in China, helping foreign audiences to understand China’s best new companies with well-organized and paid services. For attracting investments we will seek venture capital investment at an appropriate time.

EqualOcean is a startup incubated from the EO Company. Founded in 2014, EO Company has a valuation of more than USD 100 Million and has completed four rounds of venture capital investment and achieved profitability. It is now a prominent innovation service platform in China. While EO Company provides services in Chinese, EqualOcean reports on and studies the global market in English – where a greater playing field brings greater challenges and pressures, and tough work for the team will be a regularity.

We are still in the early stages of entrepreneurship. EqualOcean was formed on October 12, 2018, and our English website was officially launched on November 12, 2018. We acknowledge that there are still many technical bugs to be solved and content improvements to be made.

We’re a young bunch but all our team members have either a good academic or career background. As we expand our group, we hope to attract more talent to build our team.

We are fully confident of the future of EqualOcean. However, we understand that entrepreneurship is a risky path, even when one can boast of past successes. What EqualOcean is doing requires hard work and perseverance. Therefore, we hope our prospective colleagues will be idealistic and passionate. Bloomberg, Bridgewater, WSJ, and Goldman Sachs all took a long time to build their core strengths.

At EqualOcean, we promote ‘investment thinking’ and ‘product perspective’. Regarding ‘investment thinking’, we filter our portfolio of innovative companies by whether they have investment value. Currently, there are more than 600 innovation projects with valuation of more than USD 1 Billion in China, however, we think only 1/6 of which would be worth more investment. In regard to ‘product perspective’, we refer to taking a logical stance to meet the needs of our users/clients and not what we think they need. Based on these two ideals, we hope our colleagues will have great quantitative judgment and a willingness to serve.

EqualOcean agrees with some of the concepts and practices mentioned in two books, ‘Empowerment’ by Stanley McGristian and ‘Principles’ by Ray Dalio: this includes fully resolving the information asymmetry within the team; establishing empathy and enhancing mutual understanding through internal job rotation; being radically transparent and honest; and being open-minded to solve problems, etc.

We think whether a team is excellent or not can be judged by the development of its members. We want to help our members meet their potential and even go beyond it. Therefore, we are very demanding on the team and force each other to grow and progress. We communicate openly and we do not avoid conflict.

Although we hope we can succeed, we cannot make promises we can’t keep. We cannot guarantee that EqualOcean will succeed 100%. We cannot guarantee that you will have much leisure time after joining; we also cannot satisfy every member.

There are many risks in this world and there should be challenges in our lives. If you have an adventurous spirit and find that our business, ideas and culture align with your values, then EqualOcean would be a good choice for you.

Best regards,
The team
March 2019