Chinese Fitness Startup Keep Taps into Wellness Tourism Market, Corporating with Westin Hotels & Resorts 
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Nov 22, Keep, a top fitness startup in China, announced the strategic partnership with  Westin Hotels & Resorts, along with its special program deeply connected with the hotel. Under the new program, to be launched since the announcement, Westin offers Keep× Westin Training CoursesKeep× Westin Special Channel, and the Running Map which will lead guests on a calorie-burning tour of the city.

Keep× Westin 's program is part of a larger move of fitness industry catering to the frequent business travelers and hotel industry beefing up fitness offerings, which could be a signature competitive difference for both of them.

Global Wellness Institute notes that wellness, hospitality, and travel are now converging in unprecedented ways. The wellness concept is transforming almost every aspect of travel and wellness tourism will only grow faster in years ahead. The latest data indicates that Wellness tourism grew from a USD 563 billion market in 2015 to USD 639 billion in 2017, or 6.5% annually, more than twice as fast as tourism overall (3.2%). It's forecast to grow even faster through 2022 (7.5% yearly), to reach USD 919 billion. Ranked at the first position in growth rate, China was adding roughly 22 million wellness trips from 2015-2017.

The GWI identifies two types of wellness travelers. The “primary” variety is a traveler whose trip/destination choice is primarily motivated by wellness. The “secondary” is a traveler who participates in wellness experiences on any leisure or business trip, which comprises the dramatic bulk of market(89% of wellness trips) and meets the mainstream of Keep users.

Even it is the first time for Keep doing business in hotel scenarios but not offline. Keep has already started Keepland program in March, offering users playground to exercise its online courses. Till now,  the company has built up four sites in Beijing,  with good occupation rate and repurchase rate, 95% and 80% respectively, according to Keep. Will the collaboration with Westin be a next little milestone for Keep?

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