WM Motor Launched Fast Pass Plan for Its Customers, Trying to Alleviate Their Concerns
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Nov 28, WM Motor(威马汽车) announced its Fast Pass Plan through its official Weibo account. The plan indicates that WM Motor's EX5 buyers are only qualified to get their new cars with after-subsidy prices under the 2018 standard of both Central and Local Government by Jan 31, 2019, if they have paid the large deposits by Nov 11, signed the contracts and paid the full amount with WM Motor's local partnerships by Dec 26, 2018. 

WM Motor has been under strain since the new subsidy policy which takes effect in June this year which favors Electricity Vehicles(EVs) with high energy density and efficiency. As the central government has sent signals that the subsidy policy will phase out completely by the end of 2020, concerns of WM Motor will fail to deliver 10,000 cars by the end of 2018 are arising, users might or must be subject to extra payment if they get their supposed-to-be-delivered-in-2018 car in 2019 (see this article).

WM Motor's Plan might alleviate part of users' worries. However, The Plan implied something which against the company's vision. Customers who do not belong to one of the cities with local subsidy policy can not enjoy subsidies even they came to other qualified positions and paid the deposits. Local authorities of Langfang, Jinang, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Taizhou and Hefei are not offering subsidies, so customers form these cities cannot enjoy the after-subsidy prices even they ordered the car in Beijing, where do have a local subsidy policy. 

Comments posted in WM Motor's official Weibo account show that there still remains buyers using loans who are unable or unwilling to pay the full amount at a time. 

Affordable electrical vehicle and perfect user experience have always been WM Motor's propaganda slogan, to some extent WM Motor can live up to it.

But it is far from perfect.  

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