DiDi Restructures to Address Safety Concerns
COVID-19 and China

Dec 5, DiDi announced reorganization plan featuring leadership structure and platform reshuffle following an investigation by the Ministry of Transport that found the ride-hailing service violated multiple safety rules, reported by Xinhua.

DiDi created two positions at the top of its leadership structure. The company appointed a chief safety officer (CSO) WANG Xin(王欣)reporting to Chief Executive CHENG Wei(程维), and a chief information security officer (CIO) BO Zheng(卜峥)reporting to Chief Technology Officer ZHANG Bo(张博). Aside from its headquarters, the company set up a new, enlarged local department to ensure immediate emergency responses on its platform, and seeks closer coordination with local public security bureau.

Didi has encountered backfire after the murders of two of its users happened continuously this year. Last week, the Ministry of Transport called DiDi “out of control” and the company was criticized for its management and background check procedures.

Didi combined its three key platforms into a new overarching Ride-hailing Business Group (RBG). The company merged its car-hailing offerings Express, Premier and Luxe together, in ascending order of quality and rates, aiming to create user value and establish its ride-hailing ecosystem.

Aside from the merger, DiDi is adding fresh growth engines. Former Xiaoju Automobile Solutions and Didi's Asset Management Center (AMC) will be minted into a new group called The Automobile Solutions Platform, setting to explore retail opportunities, and sells a flurry of existing services, including car sales, loans, car maintenance and refueling.

In addition, DiDi will also move its bike rental, premium ride-hailing, and public transportation services into an integrated business group with more efforts in increasing the training for drivers and setting up a driver evaluation system.

The company currently has no rival in China. It won the battled against Uber’s operations in China. Now the company finally realized that its top priority is to improve safety on its platform.

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