Terminus and Greenland Broad Greenstate: AIoT and Environment Industry
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On December 7, 2018, Terminus(特斯联) and China Broad Greenstate International Co., Ltd(Greenland Broad Greenstate, 绿地博大绿泽) formed a strategic alliance in the smart city, upgrade in scenic spots, theme park and restoration of the ecosystem and expected to realize CNY 10 billion projects in the next three years.

Terminus is an AIoT platform company providing integrated AIoT (Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things) solutions to civil planning, finance, and other areas. In April 2018, Terminus closed its series B funding led by China Everbright(光大集团) and IDG Capital and followed by SenseTime(商汤科技) and Lighthouse Capital Partners in amount of CNY 1.2 billion (USD 174 million). SenseTime, as an AI unicorn, is a highlight in this investment. SenseTime is an AI unicorn that focuses on deep learning algorithms and computer vision. The connection between SenseTime and Terminus might be an approach for SenseTime to land its AI techs into real-life settings through Terminus’ PaaSs (Platform as a Service). Dated October 2018, Terminus has implemented over 8,400 projects national wide and income from projects in 2018 has already reached billion scale.

Greenland Broad Greenstate, as a giant in the ecological construction industry, is the perfect playground for Terminus18 sites including wetland parks, arboretums, Shanghai EXPO Park and others. Providing integral AI solution to all these parks, buildings and facilities is an opportunity not only for Terminus but also the entire AIoT industry to see how far current tech can go.  The first plan of this cooperation will start from Chongqing and Guizhou in southwest China.

In China, AIoT has been applied in smart cities’ construction since this decade. Smart cities’ constructions are in an initial stage or launching status and till 2020, we could expect some construction-completed smart cities in China. AIoT’s application in ecological settings is a new area for PaaS companies. Maybe similar to smart cities, Terminus’s past PaaS experience could be helpful in this cooperation, but beyond, Terminus has extra works on applying its AI solutions standing on a tourism angle. A combination of AIoT and environmental industry might reshape the tourism industry, which is Greenland Broad Greenstate’s expectation for this cooperation, and bring up current service to a different level.


--Author: FU YingWei; write to YingWei at

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