Beijing Police Deparment Signs Robots Agreement with Terminus
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December 26, 2018 / EqualOcean / - Terminus, an AIoT (AI internet of thing) company, signed a cooperative strategic framework agreement with Beijing Police Population Management Team(BPPMT, 北京市公安局人口管理和基层工作总队) on December 25th, 2018. Both parties will co-work in developing police robotic series products and using AI, cloud computing and big data to elevate police service efficiency, promote a positive image to the public, and ultimately serve people better.

Beijing is the capital, the culture center and political center of China with a conservatively estimated residential population of over 22 million. The multi-identities of Beijing make it a metropolitan city and attract millions of people from every province of China to work there. The giant population flow increases the workload of the Beijing Police Department(BJPD) in population control, and hence the BPPMT is designated to carrying the responsibility to regulate the population and secure Beijing citizens’ safety.

Terminus, a unicorn company founded in 2015, is an expert in providing AIoT solution for city services. Early in November 2018, Terminus announced its series B1’s funding of CNY 1.2 billion and created a record in AIoT’s funding series. For instance, providing AIoT solution through entrance facilities like parking lots and entrance gates, Terminus uses its comprehensive solution to help clients to monitor the crowd flows and report suspicious activities. With the similar logic, the cooperation with BJPD will use Terminus’ strength in monitoring crowd activities and its comprehensive solutions to aid BJPD’s actions. Due to the rich experience and years of accumulations, BJPD could assist in the deep learning process to train the robot to perform accurate, satisfying and quick services to citizens and improve BJPD’s police force and service level.

The complexity of Beijing’s population might be one of the most in the world. Along with the intensified globalization, Beijing is a city with diverse cultures. Adding its original complicated structure of the domestic population, Beijing’s security is the most important above all. Different places or scenarios require different AIoT solutions, and this is the greatest challenge that Terminus might meet in this cooperation. One of the good things is that Terminus has done thousands of AIoT solution services and the past experience can prepare it better in the challenge. However, the upgraded complexity of Beijing population is beyond any of Terminus’ past projects, whether in number, speed or ethnic groups, and it needs to take the international identity of Beijing into consideration as well. Whether for the increasing oversea tourists or foreign country leaders’ visits, even the incoming 2020 Winter Olympics’ athletes, Beijing demands a higher and more integrated security system to ensure the capital’s safety, and this heavy task might no longer be so stressful for BJPD officers because of Terminus’ AIoT solutions and robotic series products.

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