Megvii Brought Its Artificial Intelligence Technology To CES 2019
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People walked around the CES 2019 Exhibition. PHOTO: Credit to International Consumer Electronics

Jan 11, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - As the leading company in artificial intelligence software, Megvii (旷视科技) attended CES 2019 (International Consumer Electronics Show 2019) in Las Vegas on Januanry 8, 2019.

CES is a global exhibition hosted by Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which covers the largest scale of consumer electronics technologies, including audio, video, mobile electronics, telecommunication, information technology, etc. CES is originally hosted from 1967, and is aimed to bring the leading electronic to real life. Currently, with the development of modern technology, CES provides the opportunity for the worldwide electronic companies to broadcast their product information and exchange the latest technical information.

Megvii, also known as Face++, was founded in 2011, is currently a Chinese leading artificial intelligence company. With well trained artificial intelligence technology in facial recognition, Megvii develops its original deep learning algorithm engine Brain++. As facial recognition is the basic technology that could link to the IoT (Intenet of Things), Megvii provides services to various fields, such as financial industry, security system, mobile-based augmented reality, IoT and industrial robotics. Megvii mainly exhibits its cutting-edge facial recognition technology in CES 2019.

Megvii shows its cooperated partnership with CMS, the leading supplier of high performance sensor solutions in CES 2019. Under this partnership, Megvii can provide faster and better facial recognition technology with better and suitable sensors. The Beijing-based company showcases its leading mobile facial recognition technology and software that is attached with single camera, dual camera and 3D camera. Using infrared light projector and RGB technology, the customers can unlock the mobile phone even in dark and overexposed environment.

Megvii algorithms enable the fast identity verification in mobile phone, but also provide artificial intelligence picture beautifying function, which leads to the success of mobile app like Meitu. The picture beautifying is so popular in real life and it attracts the attention of merchandisers in CES 2019.

In addition, the 3D optical sensing technology is exhibited. When people is in front of the Megvii cameras, the software can alter the real-time movements and actions into a visual world, so you might even see yourself acting in Pacific Rim when you review the camera recorded videos. This 3D optical sensing technology is just like the visual identity of artificial intelligence, and it is highly possible to be widely used in IoT and smart city.

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