BESTORE Turn to Superstars for Help to Conquer Consumers in the Spring Festivals
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Billboards of Kris WU of BESTORE in an elevator in Beijing. PHOTO: ZHANG Fan for EqualOcean

Jan 7, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - BESTORE, a 12-year-old snack brand in China, held the company’s high-end snack production conference in Shenzhen. On the conference, BESTORE announced its whole new commercial cooperation with Kris WU (WU Yifan, 吴亦凡), a superstar in China. TV commercials and billboards of BESTORE and Kris started to appear recently. Meanwhile, BESTORE also started its cooperation with Dilraba Dilmurat (better known as Dilireba, 迪丽热巴) this year. Apparently, BESTORE is preparing for the Spring Festival sales season, by using advertisement to occupy the minds of consumers.

Sales of FMCG products are highly correlated with advertising, BESTORE obviously knew this well. Before the cooperated with Kris, BESTORE used to cooperate with some other entertainment stars like YANG Zi (杨紫), HUANG Xiaoming (黄晓明). The continuous cooperation with superstars could definitely help to raise the awareness of the brand, however, to cooperate with superstars seems to be an old-fashion way of marketing, the brand needs to keep changing its cooperative partner to chase consumers’ attention.

According to the prospectus of BESTORE, the company had achieved revenue of CNY 5.4 billion (USD 807 million) in 2017, and a daily GMV of CNY 400 million (USD 58 million) on Double 11 Shopping Festival of 2018. And all these achievements are made after 12 years’ efforts since 2006.

Three Squirrels, another famous snack brand in China, seems to make even better achievement with ease. Founded in 2012, this 6-year-old snack brand had achieved revenue of CNY 4.4 billion (USD 658 million) in 2016, and CNY 2.8 billion (USD 419 million) in the first half of 2017. According to an article on Sohu, it is said that the total revenue in 2017 of this company was nearly CNY 7 billion (USD 1.05 billion). For the Double 11 Festival, Three Squirrels achieved a daily GMV of CNY 682 million (USD 98.3 million).

Different from BESTORE, Three Squirrels did not cooperate with superstars but created its own IP, the three squirrels, every time consumers get in touch with the brand, they will be more familiar with the three squirrels, their attention will not be lost with the exchange of the celebrity endorsers. All the awareness created by the advertisement could be preserved by the self-owned IP.

In this respect, BESTORE’s efficiency of awareness establishment might be lower than the Three Squirrels, in a long-term view. In a short-term view, could the superstars like Kris and Dilireba help BESTORE conquer the consumers in the upcoming Spring Festival, and beat Three Squirrels, let us wait and see.

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