Huawei Helps Turkcell To Build A 5G-oriented All-Cloud Core Network
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5G Technology. PHOTO: credit to Huawei's official website.

According to Huawei’s Weibo Account, Huawei announced that it has recently cooperated with the largest mobile carrier in Turkey: Turkcell. They are cooperating on the all-cloud core network with 5G network. The cooperation will bring Huawei the chance to provide 5G service to countries in Europe. Also, Turkey’s customers can experience the 5G service in an early stage if following the cooperating trend and has further cooperation with Huawei.

CloudEPC is the solution provided by Huawei to support its customers’ network upgrade to 5G smoothly, which is to say, upgrade to 5G on current structure. EPC is already applied to 4G network. With Huawei’s product CloudEPC, it can allocate the resources through the cloud with multiple stages: distributed session DB, stateless session process unit, distributed load balance. Besides the usage of efficient resource usage applied with cloud technology, CloudEPC also provides flexible scaling to release virtual resources, and offers flexibility and openness based on the NFV architecture. The fast service deployment on CloudEPC also make it easier for its customers.

Supported with CloudEPC, This is the first time that the mobile carrier uses commercialized cloud network, Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS), and grey upgrade, which is the core network technology to build 5G network. The support of the technology could make 5G becomes true for Turkey’s customers. As the writer described about the commercialized cloud network above, the other types of technology will be described below.

Control and User Plane Separation, which is to implement the distributed deployment by separating the control plane and the user plane, this is the base to achieve the goal of implementing an agile framework. The separated use of different resources could improve the user experience. For example, when 5G era is coming, if everyone is uploading and downloading directly through the cloud calculation, it will occupy too much resources. The cloud may be overused. Supported with the fog calculation, the customers can first use the resources of fog calculation. Further data and calculation could upload to the cloud, and this framework could minimize the calculation and resources occupation. Whilst applying with 5G technology with this framework, 5G technology can have better user experience.

The grey upgrade is mainly about the A/B test. That is to say, provided with two versions of tests, and to compare the tests of both methods, it is easier to see pros and cons for the new method. Also, the method could gradually apply to the new one, which could give the chance to switch to 5G smoothly.

Supported by Huawei’s technology, Turkcell grasps the opportunity upgrading to 5G network. Also, Huawei could expand its influence worldwide.

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