Moka Receives CNY 180 Million Series B Funding Led by Hillhouse
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Moka founder and CEO ZHAO Oulun. Phote credit to Moka

Source from B2B Neican (B2B内参), Moka (希瑞亚斯) recently completed its series B funding in amount of CNY 180 million (USD 26.7 million) led by Hillhouse Capital and followed by GGV Capital, GSR Capital (金沙江创投), and Xiang He Capital (襄禾资本). Moka develops smart recruitment management system.

Moka was founded in 2015 and has raised four rounds of funding. GGV Capital participated three rounds of Moka’s financing series since series A. GSR Capital is the second time investing Moka after it co-invested Moka in series A+ with GGV Capital. Moka’s recruitment management system was published in September 2016, which took a year in R&D process. Dated the end of 2018, Moka claimed that it had served over hundreds of companies in their recruitment management systems such as Burger King, McDonald’s, Xiao Mi, Yitu etc.

The recruitment management system provided by Moka intends to offer an integrated human resource (HR) management solution with customizations. As introduced by its website, Moka’s product contains three major modules - recruitment management process, talent pool maintenance and follow-up, and talent data analysis and feedback. Moka will aggregate different recruitment channels and unify the recruitment management process so it can elevate the efficiency in the recruitment process and communications. Along with the use, Moka will assist the enterprise to build its own talent pool and provide long-term monitoring to discover possible candidates for the enterprise. The third module can offer data analysis based on talent data and provide feedback and suggestions to the HR department for future HR works including recruitment and management of employees.

The technology gene seems strong in both founders. Zhao Oulun (赵欧伦) and Li Guoxing (李国兴), who co-founded Moka in 2015, are experienced in computer science. Guoxing has accumulated years of experience in artificial intelligence and is an expert in web structure; Oulun won the Facebook Hackathon champion and joined the unicorn company, Turo, when it had only 20 employees. The technology is the core competency for Moka and as it introduced, Moka can provide customized HR management solutions to companies from different industries that have varied requirements for candidates and HR management.

HR as an industry in China has long been underestimated its function in the company’s operation. An exceptional HR management can promote the work efficiency, maintain the company atmosphere, and pass down values that will influence the long run of an enterprise. In a world filled with uncountable talents and companies, how to find the best candidate for the company will take more time than it used to be in traditional ways. However, a good candidate is whether recruited by the company or its competitor. Talents and disciplines are the cornerstone for the company to live and thrive. A smart HR solution that could improve the HR process and the organizational structure can put the company at an advantage among peers for a better talent pool.

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