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After nearly two years of development, online education has been recognized by parents and other social parties. The changes in education brought about by new technologies have also changed the way people learn. As a representative enterprise of online education, Sanhao's CTO Zhou Dongming participated in the forum of “present and future” with the theme of teaching integration, sharing the experience of artificial intelligence technology in the field of education. Zhou Dongming said that artificial intelligence has already seen initial results in the field of education. The difficulty in combining education with big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, brain science and other new technologies will bring about ripple effects.

With the continuous breakthrough of artificial intelligence, the field of online education has become one of the main application scenarios of AI, and has achieved initial results to some extent. It has realized functions such as AI detection and AI teaching. Different education companies are using AI differently. 

Since its launch in 2014, Sanhao has received positive responses from thousands cities and parents. Students and teachers in more than 20 countries around the world, and have received multiple rounds of investment from Shibuya Capital, Yizhuang Internet Fund, Wo Yan Capital and Zero2IPO Capital.

For the current use of artificial intelligence in the education industry, Zhou Dongming said that the biggest role of artificial intelligence in industrial applications is to match, such as taxis, matching users and drivers. The same is for K12 education, but the situation is more complicated and the requirements for accuracy are higher. Sanhao mainly combines various aspects of education in artificial intelligence research. Students are matched with teachers according to their abilities. This requires the education company to thoroughly analyze the various aspects of education, comprehensively understand the situation of students and teachers, and have excellent teaching and research capabilities and artificial intelligence technology. Based on this, Sanhao established the teaching method of the good teacher + P.G.O.T, personalized target guidance system.

It is understood that Sanhao's P.G.O.T personalized target guidance system tests the learning knowledge points through preschool assessment. The test coverage covers primary, middle and high school subjects. Through preschool assessment, teachers can fully understand the ability of students and analyze them. According to the test results, the level of ability of students' knowledge is understood. In combination with the characteristics of the class settings of different levels, three different teachers study the result, and a personalized training plan, that meets the characteristics of student development, is made to give guidance.

In future, Sanhao will continue to improve the teacher optimization system, improve the teaching service ability, apply artificial intelligence and brain neuroscience to online education, and provide students with efficient personalized learning methods. At the same time, it will use the "Internet + Teacher Education" model to complement the short board of education in remote areas, achieve the sharing of high-quality online courses across the country, and build an online learning center for every family in the world.



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