Technology Author:Yingwei Fu Mar 22, 2019 03:20 PM (GMT+8)

Huawei's cloud closed the circle of data transmission and processing. With Yitu's AI technology, the intelligent healthcare cloud can integrate healthcare data into efficiency and effectiveness.

2019 Huawei Eco-partner. AI Conference. Photo credit to Huawei

On 2019 Huawei Eco-partner. AI Conference held in Fuzhou, Huawei, and Yitu (依图科技) published the intelligent healthcare cloud co-developed by them. AI healthcare and cloud’s combination is the next generation for AI healthcare development.

Huawei and Yitu’s cooperation extends to a broader scale. In 2018 Huawei Eco-partner Conference, they announced the cooperation in the security area. Yitu’s face recognition technology and Huawei’s cloud can provide security solutions for smart city scenario. Yitu, as one of the AI technology unicorns, is reputed in the healthcare area. The collaboration of intelligent healthcare cloud provides a larger stage for Yitu to use its strengths in healthcare industry’s digitalization era.

Yitu’s is ranked as the top player in AI healthcare area. The AI medical image reading assistive diagnosis is a hot scenario for AI technology companies. As introduced earlier, 12Sigma (图玛深维) develops several AI medical image reading products to help radiologists in diagnosis. Yitu’s has released medical imaging platform, which includes the and medical research & clinical decision support platform. It has more horizontal applications in healthcare area comparing to other AI medical reading-related startups.

The cloud service has become a development plan for varied technology companies. Huawei as the cloud service provider for the intelligent healthcare cloud is famed for its telecommunication technology and smartphone. In China’s cloud service market, Huawei’s market share was only 0.9%.

Considering current telecommunication technology, the cloud market will accordingly be stimulated to grow when the improved bandwidth allows more data to be uploaded to the cloud. According to Gartner, China’s cloud service market was only 6.2% of the global market, while North America was about 59.3%. Based on this information, the cloud service in China is still at an early stage, and Huawei’s strategy in developing cloud service is promising and can complete the circle of data from the transmission, storage, to computation.

Besides the cloud service market is yet to be developed, the aging issue of China determines the growth of healthcare service. The healthcare data booming issue is only a matter of time. With the booming of AI technology startups, the AI medical image reading technology has been installed in hundreds of hospitals and clinics. To cover more areas, the demand for intelligent healthcare cloud increases with the need generated from unbalanced healthcare resource and scarcity in healthcare service providers not limited to radiologists.