European Countries Keeps Using Huawei's Productions
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Huawei's 5G facilities in Europe. Photo:Credit to Huawei

According to the recent report of American media, Trump government started an attack on the Telecom network which aims to urge the European countries to forbid Huawei’s productions. U.S. government even threatened that any country refuses to obey this rule would lose the information from the U.S. However, none of the European countries banned Huawei’s productions so far.

U.S. action has been taken for several months. The U.S. government sent a representative to the Mobile World Congress held in Feb 2019, Barcelona, and urge the senior executives of this industry and the politicians stop using Huawei’s production. In Mar 2019, U.S. ambassador to Germany wrote a letter to the Germany Government that which suggests Germany stop using Huawei, or the information sharing between Germany and the U.S.  might be influenced.

According to the report from Bloomberg, the Germany premiere, Merkel, said that “I disagree with talking about the security issues publicly which is very sensitive, and I disagree with banning a company just because it comes from a specific country.” Blomberg said that the European Union didn’t publish the forbidden orders to Huawei, which is trying to get the agreement that allows it to build the European 5G telecom network. The leaders of European countries hope to promote economic development with advanced wireless technology. However, according to a recent regulation from Germany, it required that the companies who are qualified to bid for the 5G technology must have the investment in Germany, and the companies cannot own their own operating network. In this way, companies including Huawei and Nokia are not qualified to bid for the 5G in Germany. 

According to the British information source, it is almost impossible for European countries to ban Huawei because there is no alternative company to help the British to update its telecom network. The Italy government is focusing on promoting the trade with China thus ignore the warning from the U.S. government as well. In Germany, the government published a stricter safety regulation on the telecom network instead of banning Huawei. France, however, which plans to ban Huawei, took the same actions with Germany afterward.

“The arrangement of 5G is one of the most complicated and expensive technologies and it's quite important for Europe to find a way that promotes its 5G development while cutting down the safety risk towards the cooperation with the Chinese service provider.” Said Paul Troll, the analyst from European-Asia company, which is a political risk consulting company.

According to Bloomberg, the European governments also listened to ideas from Vodafone Group, Germany Telecom, France Orange. These telecom companies warned that if European Union banns Huawei, the publication of 5G technology may be delayed several years and the cost would increase billions of EUD.

Helen Lamprell, who is the chief lawyer of Vodafone in British, said that “we have not found any pieces of evidence to prove that there’s any Internet backdoor which may harm the security. If the U.S. has the evidence, please show it.”

Huawei’s technology advantages make it an ideal choice for European countries to update their telecom network. In the future, Huawei’s productions would serve more European countries and offer them with better 5G services.


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