DJI Publishes Its Supporting Software DJI Terra
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DJI Phantom 4 drones. Photo: Credit to DJI

On Mar 28, 2019, DJI published its drones mapping support software based on PC terminal – DJI Terra (大疆智图). This software could achieve autonomous flight route planning and aerial photography. Meanwhile, this software could change the data collected by drones into the 2D orthophoto and 3D model, which could increase the efficiency of mapping and transfer the real scene into digital assets. In this way, DJI Terra could meet different kinds of requirements of its users.

According to XIE Tiandi (谢阗地), the senior director of DJI, the drones are widely used in mapping business and offer great help in accident deal, facility checking, infrastructure analysis, and farmland monitoring with big data. Traditionally, people use the expensive method to finish the survey and mapping tasks, which has a difficult process and lack intelligent applications. DJI Terra, however, solved these problems. Terra starts from gathering, managing, dealing with the geography data to help customers gained the useful into via drones. In addition, Terra could help users to file the information they gathered digitally, thus the users can make solutions easily and improve the refinement degree.

XIE Said that “DJI provides industrial solutions for enterprises, and helps them to use drones to refresh their working mode. With DJI’s drones, the mapping industry could gain a lower cost, higher quality, better intellectualization, and popularization. More and more industries would be benefited from the DJI Terra’s service in mapping.

With the help of its real-time mapping ability, DJI Terra allows the drone's operator generates the 2D map while flying, which is quite suitable for tasks which is sensitive to timing. During that situation, feeling the condition and making the decisions within a short time is of vital importance.  The DJI Terra can solve the problems in a short time, and could also trick the process of the project developing and show the real environment of the target.

Besides the mapping and model rebuilding, DJI Terra could also use its analysis tools to help the users to analyze data and give them ideas about it. The tools provide the measure of different projects, including linear distance’s measure and the estimating of surface area and volume. For detailed checking and rebuilding, DJI Terra offers a tool to help the users to check every photo taken during the building process, in order to find the problem precisely.

DJI Terra could play an important role in several industries. For public security industry, the Terra could help the operator to gain the essential information to make an efficient decision. During the construction, Terra would work as an overseer and keep prospecting. The Terra could also help with the protection of infrastructures and help with the bettering of the projects. Terra is also a useful tool in smart agriculture and offers digital prospection for the farmland. With the DJI Terra, the picture resources could be transferred into an intuitive one and would improve the working efficiency definitely.

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