Brazil Government Supports the Huawei's 5G Facilities and Technology
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Huawei's 5G technology. Photo: Credit to Huawei

Russian news agency Sputnik reported that Hamilton Mourao, vice president of Brazil, said on April 7 that the Brazil government has no excuse to stop Huawei’s investment activities in Brazil. Before visiting the U.S., Mourão said that "currently we have no limitation on Huawei’s actions. Huawei is competing for the 5G market, and the so-called security issues are totally excuses."

According to Mourão, Brazil does not agree with Washington suffice that the Huawei may leak the private information of Brazilian organizations and individuals. Mourão emphasized that Brazil regards China as its “strategic partner but not a strategic threaten.”

Wall Street Journal reported that Huawei is one of the leading 5G service providers in the world. However, Huawei might be threatned by the economic sanctions because of the report from the U.S. and Austrian governments, which announced that Huawei uses its equipment to collect secret information and spy on business. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that “using Chinese technology would increase the risk,” and he firmly urged people to stop purchasing Huawei’s products.

Aside from Brazil, many countries have refused to comply with the US's tough line on Huawei. Reuters reported that Bahrain plans to deploy its 5G network for business users. Part of the country’s 5G infrastructure will use Huawei’s technology. VIVA Bahrain, which is a subsidiary of Saudi Telecom Company, also will use Huawei’s equipment in its construction of the 5G network. In addition, Korean telecom carrier LG U+ and the Philippines’ Global Telecom Company will also employ Huawei’s facilities and technology.

The vice president of LG U+, said Huawei was planning to Conduct a test to prove the safety of its 5G gear. He said that Huawei is currently supplying its equipment to more than 170 countries in the world, and none of them had issues with the safety of the facilities.

Lawrence Cu, the president and CEO of the Philippines’ Global Telecom Company, said in an interview with Bloomberg that the Huawei provides the facilities while the Philippines' Global Telcom Company masters the Internet. Thus, they know exactly what is operating in the network, and the Philippines' Global Telcom Company have great confidence in Huawei, and they are well protected.

It is reported that Singapore and Thailand are planning to use Huawei’s technology to test the 5G network. Huawei set up its first 5G testing station in Thailand on February 8 and it is highly likely to participate in the construction of the country’s 5G network. Similarly, Thailand supports that no security issues have been found in Huawei's equipment and technology. 

 Huawei, which invested USD 105 billion in R&D in 2018, is the world's largest holder of 5G patents, with 1,970 registered under its name. The 5G era is approaching and the countries in the world should be well prepared for it. In the future, the 5G technology will greatly enhance the download and upload speed, and as one of the world leading 5G service providers, Huawei would keep developing its equipments.

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