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Autonomous vehicle of . PHOTO: Credit to will participate in the 18th international Automobile and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition with autonomous L4 full-stack autonomous driving technology. It will be the company's first appearance at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition session.

Exhibition will separately show the Lincoln MKZ and GAC Trumpchi GE3 equipped with PonyAlpha system, and display the multi-sensor deep fusion technology through the real-time screen, so as to intuitively see the "world in the eyes" of self-driving vehicles.

PonyAlpha, a full-stack self-driving solution, has achieved levels of stability and performance capable of sustaining a consumer ride-hailing fleet, which has been expanding steadily in Guangzhou since February this year.

PonyAlpha features improvements across hardware and software from’s earlier generation prototype vehicles. In terms of hardware, the new system includes increased sensor coverage provided by additional LiDARs, radars, and cameras.

In order to support these additional sensors, PonyAlpha also provides a highly optimized hardware platform to form a tightly integrated full-stack system. The sensor suite and configurations are widely tested in different environments in the United States and China. Altogether, the full sensor suite can see distances of roughly 200 meters. will show the PonyPilot, a "point-to-point" test program in an area for the first time. The production autonomous vehicle fleet is capable of supporting regional point-to-point travel, and its operating stations have covered major transportation stations, schools, business centres and residential areas. will broadcast daily road test video to let the viewers watch the reaction and operation of the autopilot system in a daily road test and even in the face of tricky scenes. A PonyPilot demonstration area is set up at the booth site, with the help of visual multimedia and other means, each participant can understand the experience process and vehicle control centre system platform.


Pony. ai's media conference will be held at 3:00 PM on April 17. JAMES PENG (彭军), Co-founder and CEO, and LOU Tiancheng (楼天城), Co-founder and CTO, will come to the booth to share technical trends and on-site Q&A.

According to the company's website, James holds a PhD from Stanford University and a BS from Tsinghua University. Before co-founding Pony. Ai, James worked at Baidu, where he was responsible for setting the technical direction of various fields, including advertising, infrastructure, big data and cloud computing. Tiancheng holds a PhD and BS in Computer Science from Tsinghua University. Commonly known by his handle “ACRush” within the programming community, Tiancheng is a 10-year medalist of the TopCoder competitions and 2-time champion of the global programming competition Google Code Jam. Before co-founding, Tiancheng was a T10 engineer at Baidu where he focused on autonomous vehicles. 


The exhibition will last for 8 days for both professional and ordinary visitors.

Exhibition time for professional visitors: 10:00-19:00, April 18-19 ;

Exhibition time for public and professional visitors: 10:00-19:00, April 20-24 ;

Exhibition time for public and professional visitors: 10:00-15:00, April 25 ;

In addition, has prepared 1,000 limited-edition souvenirs for the audience, including original illustrations, brand story calendar and limited-edition themed flash CARDS.

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