The 2nd EICV Industry Innovation Summit Will be Held in Shanghai on April 17
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News of Summit. PHOTO: Credit to EO AUTO

President Xi Jinping stressed that China's economy has shifted from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. From the perspective of the development of the global automobile industry, the United States, Europe, Japan, China and other industrial powers are paying more and more attention to the development of intelligent netted automobile industry.

National strategies have been formulated to promote the development of the industry, and the competition of intelligent network-connected vehicles is becoming the competition between countries. In the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, the automobile industry will form a new power to promote economic and social development, and new technologies, industries, new formats and new models will be born.

The ‘New Kinetic Era·GIIS 2019 Intelligent Network Industry Innovation Summit’, which is hosted by EO AUTO, an industry service platform will be held in Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze hotel on April 17. EO AUTO, an independent subsidiary of EO company, secured an angel round of CNY 8 million, led by Zhongjun capital and backed by Xinghan capital last year.

The summit will be attended by 500 participants, including practitioners in the automobile industry, investment institutions, industry observers and other professional audiences. 80% of the participants are at the level of enterprise leaders, and on the day of the conference, 80 media will be invited to cover the event.

The Agenda of the General Assembly

08:00-08:55  Time for Spectators to Enter and Sign in

09:00-09:10  [policy] Leader Speech

09:10-09:30 [speech by the organizer]

Topic: industry research report of Intelligent Connected

Speaker: YANG Yongping, Vice-president of EO, President of EO AUTO

Intelligent Interactive

1、09:30-09:50 Speaker: QIN Lihong (秦力洪), Co-founder and CEO of NIO (蔚来).

Topic: Optimize the user experience and accelerate the intelligent upgrade of "human-vehicle interaction"

2、09:50-10:10 Speaker: Xiaheng (夏珩), Co-founder and CEO of XPeng Motors (夏珩).

Topic: Interactive revolution of Intelligent vehicles

3、10:10-10:30 Speaker: SHU Youxing (舒酉星), Dean of BYD (比亚迪)intelligent ecology research institute.

Topic: New generation of the interactive platform: a guide to the intelligent interactive development of the automobile industry

4、10:30-10:50 Speaker: Haofei (郝飞), CEO of Banma (斑马网络).

Topic: Redefine intelligent interaction: open and Share, thousand people with thousand faces

Internet of Vehicles

10:50-11:30 Roundtable Forum

Topic: How does the automobile industry actively face the new challenges of 5G commercial application?

YING Yilun (应宜伦), Founder and Chairman of PATEO (博泰).

WANG Zhong (王忠), Vice President of the Institute of industry and finance of China EV100 (中国电动汽车百人会).

WU Dongsheng (吴冬升), GOSUNCN’s (高新兴) chief solution architect, strategy & brand general manager.

Qianyong (钱勇), IFLYTEK’s (科大讯飞) general manager of intelligent vehicle system product line.

Intelligent driving

1、13:40-14:00 Speaker: ZHU Jiangming (朱江明), Founder and CEO of LEAP Motor (零跑汽车).

Topic: The way of self-study of Intelligent driving in China

2、14:00-14:20 Speaker: ZHANG Jianzhong (张建中),NVIDIA’s (英伟达)Vice President and General Manager of China

Topic: Towards mass production is the way of automatic driving landing

14:20-15:00 Roundtable Forum

Topic: Explore the vertical landing scene of autonomous driving

Zhuyan (朱岩), Managing partner of NIO Capital (蔚来资本).

ZHANG Hongzhi (张宏志), General manager of multi-mode interactive products of Horizon Robotics (地平线).

ZHU Xiaozhang (朱晓章), Chairman of Kunchen (中电昆辰).

Zhangqi (张祺), Dean of the intelligent cockpit research institute of HOZON (合众汽车).

3、15:00-15:20 Speaker:Yanfeng (闫枫), Partner and chief technical officer of WM Motor (威马汽车).

Topic: Intelligent Driving Promotes New Formation of Automobile

4、15:20-15:40 Speaker:SUN Yafu (孙亚夫), Dean of the technical research institute of CHINA TRANSINFO (千方科技).

Topic: Collaborative vehicle-road environment for autonomous driving

Intelligent Vehicle Lifestyle

1、15:40-16:00 Speaker: ZHANG Hailiang (张海亮), Chairman and CEO of ENOVATE (天际汽车)

16:00-16:40 Roundtable Forum

Topic: Foresee a better life in the automobile industry

HOU Xinhai (侯新海), Ford China’s (福特中国)Chief information officer, inspector general of mobile platforms and products.

Zhangyu (张渝), Himalaya’s (喜马拉雅)General manager of the Internet of vehicles business unit.

YI Xiaofeng (易晓峰), Inspector general of Intelligent Connected architecture of Great Wall Motor (长城汽车).

Tianbo (田波), Founder and CEO Of YKCCN (云快充).

Zhoudao (周到), Deputy editor of EO AUTO (亿欧汽车).

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