WM EX5 Pro is Officially Available
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EX5 Pro of WM Motor . PHOTO: Credit to WM Motor

On the first day of the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition, the new model EX5 Pro of WM Motor was officially launched. The pre-subsidy selling price is CNY 289,800, and the post-subsidy selling price is CNY 239,800, with a global limited sale of 3,000 units. 

However, the price of this subsidy only lasts until June 25 this year, because China's subsidy policy will see a sharp decline after that. This comes just four days after the new WM EX5 officially hits the market at CNY 129,800.

The WM EX5 Pro is a high-class vehicle based on the EX5. The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4600mm, 1850mm and 1650mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2703mm, which is not much different from the latter.

In terms of design, the front face of the new vehicle adopts the closed net shape, the volume of fog light area increases, and the edge is surrounded by a circle of LED lights. The new model is equipped with a 19-inch dedicated low-drag hub and aerodynamic sports kit, which reduces the vehicle's wind drag coefficient to less than 0.3 and supplemented by the Pro version's exclusive gentian blue color palette.

Shenhui, Founder, Chairman and CEO of WM Motor, said that technology is dramatically changing our lives. With the arrival of 5G and artificial intelligence era, the evolution of intelligent electric vehicles is full of infinite possibilities, and China is the focus of this global change.

The combination of technology and product will realize the comprehensive upgrade and iteration of user experience in the intelligent era and promote the sustainable development of WM. With the sports car gene, EX5 Pro will satisfy users' pursuit for the ultimate performance of electric vehicles.

In addition,the WM EX6 and EVOLVE concept vehicle was also featured. EVOLVE CONCEPT with a range of 600km under the WLTP standard. With the new generation Ulti-charge technology, EVOLVE CONCEPT can be charged up to 300km in 15 minutes.

The Living Pilot system takes the lead in realizing L3 intelligent driving assistance. Based on this scene, EVOLVE CONCEPT develops an immersive intelligent cockpit experience for users in the aspects of vision, hearing, touch and smell with the smart cockpit 2.0 with a 9 screen panorama.

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