Ali Cloud Shows Up in The Partner Summit of China Unicom
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China Unicom Partner Summit. Photo: Credit to Ali cloud

On Apr 23, 2019, the partner summit of China Unicom was held in Shanghai. This summit covers many industries including 5G, edge computing, cloud computing, IoT, and AI, and attracts more than 600 industrial partners and 30 thousand audiences. Ali cloud, as the leading Chinese cloud computing service provider, joined the summit and showed its innovation solutions such as edge computing, video cloud service, and also demonstrated the application scenarios based on the wireless connection of IoT.

China Unicom and Ali Cloud will cooperate together to develop the video making and products innovation under 5G environment and bring a brand-new experience to the users. JIN Ge (金戈), the vice president of Ali cloud, said in the summit that in the video-making field, the 5G makes it easier to cloud the making of traditional videos. With the 5G technology, traditional videos which require satellite, microwaves can be made on the cloud. This improvement makes it possible to make a cloud-based media production line. The cooperation between Ali Cloud and China Unicom will combine Ali Cloud’s advanced cloud technology with China Unicom’s 5G resources to produce better products and services to consumers.

Ali cloud published its video meeting and smart video monitoring solutions during the summit. The video meeting is based on the real-time communication platform of Ali cloud and provides solutions which are stable and high-efficient while covering the whole world. The Ali cloud’s RTC uses its own-developed algorithm to increase 30% of the usage rate of Internet resources, while lowers 10% of the consumption of the bandwidth. Ali Cloud also published the ENS joint container service of edge computing, which could achieve the K8S’s DevOps ability on edge points and simplified the build and expand the colony. The joint container service enables the enterprises to bring its business to edges where is closer to the customers, and build a standard, safe and flexible computing and Internet ability.

In the monitoring field, using the cloud platform is of vital importance. Ali cloud has its own monitoring platform, which is safe and reliable and combines with lots of excellent AI algorithms. The Ali cloud monitoring platform supports the fast management of the camera videos and could self-train the visual AI model within 5 minutes. With the help of open API, Ali cloud could generate smart video monitoring solutions within 1 week and is massively used in scenarios such as school, construction site, kitchen, etc.

According to Ali cloud, they are recruiting the ecological partners from the monitoring field, and they are open to players who focus on industrial application and AI algorithms.  In the future, Ali cloud aims to promote the clouded and intelligent development of the monitoring industry. On the summit, China Unicom announced that it would cooperate with 9 manufacturers to build the “5G terminal innovation R&D center” to promote the development of 5G terminals and help with the promotion of users’ experiences.

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