SenseTime: Main Constructor of the First AI Industrial Park in Malaysia
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Four leaders of cooperation entities. Photo: Credit to SenseTime.

On April 26, 2019, SenseTime (商汤科技) signed a strategic cooperation agreement with G3 Global and China Habour (中国港湾工程有限责任公司), in which these three companies will cooperate in the construction of the first artificial intelligence industrial park in Malaysia.

According to the agreement, China Habour takes in charge with the infrastructure construction of the industrial park, as well as the management, maintenance and basic service. SenseTime mainly provides AI basic technology, AI products development and technical talents support. G3 Global will share its sources of local businesses, industries, governments and community, which is based on its business development in Malaysia.

Founded in 1992, G3 Global provides IoT technology solution for multiple industries, including car connection, intelligent city, smart agriculture, smart living home and so on. G3 Global made a statement on April 11, which says that this AI industrial park will be constructed to be a multiple AI solutions development platform, including computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, robot tech and so on.

Cooperating with G3 Global is one of globalization strategies of SenseTime, through which it will explore to provide AI products and services for Malaysian industries, such as intelligent city, public management, mobile phone and automatic drive. Besides, SenseTime will compile basic AI knowledges books and provide them to Malaysian education system.

Malaysian government attaches great importance to this cooperation. Mahathir bin Mohamad, the prime minister of Malaysia, visited SenseTime’s Beijing office accompanied by other Malaysian government leaders in the day. He hopes that this cooperation can be promoted rapidly.

Mahathir bin Mohamad (Prime minister of Malaysia, 2nd left), Wan Khalik Wan Muhanmmad (Chairman of G3 Global, 1st left), TANG Xiaoou (唐晓鸥, Co-founder of SenseTime, 2nd right), LIN Yichong (林懿翀, Chairman of China Habour, 1st right)

As a leading Chinese state-owned enterprise of going global, China Habour is one of wholly-owned subsidiaries of China Communications Construction Company (中国交通建设股份有限公司), which is an important participant of global infrastructure construction. Complementing each other’s advantages, China habour and SenseTime aim to develop the overseas market together. The industrial park they are going to build will be their first cooperation achievement, and an instructive project that brings Chinese high- techs to other countries.

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