Xpeng adds New Features to its G3 Model
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Xpeng's smart in-car camera. PHOTO: Xpeng

On April 27, Xiaopeng Motors officially released the upgraded version of Xmart OS 1.3 software for Xiaopeng G3 users in batches. After the upgrade, Xiaopeng G3 (Smart and Premium edition) will be able to record the driver, have face ID recognition and other personalized vehicle functions. The upgrade will also optimize "Hello Little P" the AI voice assistant, and other car infotainment services. The Xiaopeng G3 delivered after April 8th can be directly upgraded through OTA. The Xiaopeng G3 delivered before April 8 will be completed during the free upgrade announced on the same day; some of the upgrade functions need to be equipped with corresponding hardware. 

Recently the co-founder and president of XPeng Motors, Xia HENG (夏珩), spoke at the “New Kinetic Era•GIIS 2019 Intelligent Network Industry Innovation Summit”, in Shanghai, which was organized and sponsored by EqualOcean. During the speech, the Xia HENG revealed his vision on intelligent vehicle control systems, EVs and smart manufacturing system of XPeng Motors. 

• ID registration and personalized vehicle setting based on face recognition

Xiaopeng G3 intelligent vision system's in-vehicle camera automatically recognizes the driver's face, realizes face recognition login account, synchronizes seat, navigation, music, and other personalized settings; it supports multiple accounts if more than one person drives the car, the system quickly logs in to the specific driver Account and to ensure that the driving record is private and safe. The Xiaopeng G3 in-car smart camera uses a near-infrared night vision with visual perception under all kinds of light or conditions.

• In-car smart camera

Xiaopeng G3 forward wide-angle camera has a 120° view with a wide-angle lens, a resolution of 1280*720 and a built-in 32GB SD card. The smart camera has a 15.6-inch floating touch screen used for viewing, taking photos, recording videos, etc. It can be controlled via the steering wheel custom buttons.

The Xmart OS 1.3 version upgrade has also optimized in-vehicle infotainment services: “Hello Little P” the AI voice assistant has gotten smarter, adding the ability to monitor driving range, PM2.5 and proactively provide intelligent advice; XPILOT 2.5 Intelligent driving system interface guidance is more clear; The new "Novice Wizard" will guide the new users with charging; When the user will face other charging problems, the system will run an auto-diagnosis and try to solve it, etc. This upgrade is optimized to make the car and the system more user-friendly.

As of the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019, Xiaopeng Motors G3 model has been upgraded by OTA, and more than 40 functions have been added. A total of nearly 300 functions have been added and upgraded. The G3 model, “Smart electric SUV with Internet gene”, is building a comprehensive intelligent experience using four dimensions of AI capabilities, autonomous driving, remote management, and operating systems. A more detailed introduction to the upgrade function will be gradually introduced in the official website of Xiaopeng Motors.

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