Former XPeng Motors Design Director Joins BAIC Design
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According to media reports, Zhaoqian, the former design director of XPeng Motors, has joined BAIC design as the design director of ARCFOX, a high-end brand of the company.

Prior to joining BAIC, Zhao served as a senior designer at Mazda's Hiroshima design headquarters in Japan and design director at XPeng Motors. ARCFOX is a high-end brand of BAIC New Energy, which was officially released in August 2016, relying on BAIC's ten-year accumulation of new energy vehicle manufacturing technology and experience. And successively launched ARCFOX-1, ARCFOX-7, ARCFOX-GT track version, ARCFOX-GT street version and ARCFOX ECF Concept and other models.

Zhao graduated from the prestigious Pforzheim University in Germany in 2009. From 2011 to 2016, I worked as a senior designer in the design headquarters of Mazda in Hiroshima, Japan. Designed the world's most beautiful 2015 Mazda RX-vision concept car, Mazda 3, and many other classic models.

"With the development of technology and interconnection of cars, people's habits are changing faster and faster, requiring designers to have a deeper understanding of users' needs and accelerate the iteration of the design," Zhao said.

Zhao once said in an interview that successful designs are all creative ones, and to realize the creativity of design, people need to really understand "big design". In his opinion, "small design" pays attention to traditional aesthetics, while pure aesthetic research can no longer meet the design needs. "Big design" is to ask the designer to grasp the needs of the whole process of making cars and using cars, and then let the designer understands the relationship between people and cars, between people and cars, and between cars, so as to meet the needs of engineering, use and aesthetics in various aspects from every detail of the design.

"Designers are users, or everyone is a designer," Zhao said that the collection of massive data is increasingly valuable, and the design team should use big data to analyze user needs, so as to continuously improve product design, guide new users, and get their own accurate positioning.

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