Former NASDAQ Vice-Chairman Confirms Attendance at EO’s June Conference
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David Weild. PHOTO: Credit to Yolanda Perez on Wikipedia

EqualOcean’s honoured to announce David Weild, former NASDAQ Vice-Chairman, confirmed attendance at our collaboration forum with Germany, the United States, and China in Shanghai. His keynote speech will offer a unique observation of the emerging technology market and future technology trends at EO’s 2019 Global New Economy Conference.

Throughout his tenure, David Weild was responsible for share offering procedures for several companies such as NVIDIA, Xaar Gene, Facebook, and BlackRock. He founded NASDAQ’s Market Intelligence Platform to provide stock and market information to listed companies for the first time.

Known as the “father” of the JOBS Act, Weild aimed to relax financial restrictions and procedures on small and medium-sized enterprises under the United States law and improve their connection to capital markets to support their development.

Currently, Weild is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Weild & Co. Inc., the parent company of Weild Capital, LLC, an investment banking firm.

EO's 2019 Global New Economy Conference

Curious about 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, and its economic value? Join us for a day as industry experts and leaders and scholars discuss the new era of scientific innovation and how it will lead to an intelligence-driven economy and have various scholars and industry experts discuss emerging developmental trends of Chinese industries.

EO’s collaboration conference with Germany and the United States is jointly organized with Shanghai’s Changning Youth Federation and taking place at Hongqiao, Shanghai from June 12th, 2019 to June 14th, 2019. 

The forum is held under the guidance of Shanghai’s Economy and IT Commission, Municipal Commission of Commerce, and Changing’s District Government.

Below are five new concepts to be discussed.

New Technological Drivers

Technological innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and new energy are widely used across various industries. New Technological Drivers are reshaping the industry with artificial intelligence and optimizing production processes. 

New ICT Wave

China is leading the new generation of infrastructure development represented by 5G, which will lead to a global change.

New Paradigm

Multilateral organizations, Belt and Road Initiative and new Chinese-style innovative enterprises are getting more global recognition.

New Capital

The Science and Technology Board is a comprehensive and transparent capital markets platform for Chinese companies. For a stronger economy, capital companies regard everything as an opportunity to invest more. 

New Exploration

New brands, new species, and unique ecology is a remarkable concept. Chinese enterprises strive to find new ways to ensure customer satisfaction.

To tackle these five new concepts, EqualOcean invites Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, ZTE, Google, Baidu, JD, Meituan, SAIC Motor, Haier, Iflytek, NIO and other domestic and international AI companies to our conference ., Leading AI investment companies such as Sequoia Capital, IDG, Zhen Fund, Gaochun Capital, GGV, Dachen Venture Capital, German Capital, and Linear Capital, will be at the meeting to discuss leadership in  science and technology.

More Information

Before, China was being shaped by the market, and most Chinese enterprises were followers of their Western counterparts. Nowadays Chinese companies are pushing for economic growth and industrial innovation, and they are striving to be global leaders.

EqualOcean’s 2019 Global New Economy Conference invites more industry leaders and experts from various fields to participate from June 12th to June 14th in Shanghai. For more information regarding our forum, please see our Global New Economy Conference 2019 homepage

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